World Nuclear Power in 2009

World Nuclear power generation for 2007 and 2008

The IEA nations currently generate about 80% of the worlds nuclear power and for the first seven months of the year are down 0.7% from 2008.

The IEA total for Jan-July,2009 is 1246.2 TWHe. For 2008 the IEA total was 2160 TWHe. The world total was 2601 TWhe in 2008.

Through September 2009, year-to-date nuclear generation in the USA was 610.9 billion kilowatt-hours compared to 607.0 bkWh for the same period in 2008 and 607.8 bkWh in 2007 (the record year for nuclear generation).

During Q4 2009, and in particular since the end of October, the nuclear fleet in France experienced several unplanned outages, linked in particular to some equipments (steam generators, alternators), whose replacement was necessary and already planned in part as soon as in 2010. These outages, which affect the objective of the improvement of the nuclear fleet this year, are now leading to expect a nuclear output of around 390 TWh in 2009.

British Energy nine-month nuclear generation amounting to 42 TWh (+40% compared with the same period in 2008).

China’s nuclear power output increased 4.3% year on year to 6.65 billion kWh in October 2009.

In the first half of 2009 in Japan, the capacity factor was up from 2008, resulting in a 3.2% increase in nuclear power generation to 125.57 billion kWh.

Japan’s nuclear capacity factor was up from the last year, resulting in a year-on-year 10.2% increase in nuclear power generation to 21.78 billion kWh. Capacity factors in October 2009 and October 2008 were 64.5% and 56.9%, respectively (Japan Atomic Power Company figures excluded).

Canada Bruce Power was about level with 2008 generation so far in 2009

Russia generated 104 billion kWh from its nuclear power plants in January – August 2009 Russia is on track to match 2008 nuclear power generation. Russia has a damaged hydroelectric dam so there will be no reduction in nuclear electricity generation due to lack of demand in the later part of 2009.

The nuclear power plants of Ukraine’s national energy generating company Energoatom generated 68.08 billion kWh of electricity in January-October 2009, which is 101.3% of the target. On track for 81.6 billion kwh for the year with the same performance in November and December as the rest of the year. 7.558 billion kWh in October. 15.1 billion kWh where November and December match October would be 83 billion kWh.

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