XFlex Bomb Proofing System

X-FLEX is constructed of scrim and film to provide both strength and ductility. It features a dynamic peel-n-stick adhesive which affords exceptional bond performance to diverse and rough surfaces. The unique adhesive system is designed to absorb significant energy during a blast event in conjunction with the overall flexibility of the material system.

Nextbigfuture covered x-flex over one year ago, but now we have some videos.

*X-FLEX weighs approximately 6.11oz/sqyd.
*( A 48” x 36lf roll of X-FLEX will provide protection to approximately 120sqft (i.e. a 10ft x 12ft wall area).
* What happens if there is a cut, tear or hole in the X-FLEX?
A: The immediate area around the tear will be weakened, but should not prevent X-FLEX from working.
* It has not been ballistics tested, but is not intended as a ballistic-proof protection and may not stop all shrapnel.

Popular Science has an article.

Two layers are strong enough to stop a blunt object, like a flying 2×4, from knocking down drywall. During our tests, just a single layer kept a wrecking ball from smashing through a brick wall. The wallpaper’s strength and ductility is derived from a layer of Kevlar-like material sandwiched by sheets of elastic polymer wrap. The combination works so well that the Army is now considering wallpapering bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. Civilians could soon start remodeling too—Berry Plastics plans to develop a commercial version next year.

Popular science also has a video.

Best Of What’s New 2009: Bombproof Wallpaper Test from PopSci.com on Vimeo.