Blacklight Power Plans for 2010-2013

A webcast (FBR Capital Market conference) updates the situation with Blacklight Power

They are now indicating that they will have continuous run prototypes in 2010. This is a delay from previous talk about a commercial system in 2009. However, if they make their continuous run prototypes with 50KW to 75KW of power available for independent testing in 2010 that would go a long way to reducing the controversy surround Blacklight Power. Pilot plants at the megawatt level are planned for 2011-2013.

This might be too late for some small bets made at this site that commercial power would be generated by the end of 2010, which is a trivial issue.

The main question is if Blacklight Power will be prove that it has a revolutionary new power source with costs of about $1500 per Kilowatt of capital cost and generation cost of one cent per kilowatt hour onsite. The power would also be non-polluting.

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