Multiwalled Nanotubes Embedded in Cermanic Are a Lot Stronger

Advanced Materials : Engineering Strong Intergraphene Shear Resistance in Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes and Dramatic Tensile Improvements

Strong intergraphene shear resistance is engineered in multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) by embedding the nanotubes into a compressive-stressing ceramic environment to exploit the exceptional strength of its inner graphene walls during tensile loading. A dramatic enhancement in the tensile failure load of MWCNT is achieved in the ceramic environment and a new multi-wall failure mechanism is discovered.

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Estili, together with professor Akira Kawasaki, who leads the Micro-powder Processing and Systems group at Tohoku, has now engineered strong ISR in the entire MWCNT (Multi-wall carbon nanotubes) structure by embedding MWCNTs into a compressive-stressing ceramic environment. The strategy is to apply uniform radial compressive stress on the MWCNT to beneficially exploit the obtained reversible in-wall irregularities to realize strong inter-wall mechanical interlocking (strong interwall shear resistance, ISR) under axial tensile loading. This dramatically increases the strength of MWCNT by distributing the load among the inner walls

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