New Bomb Resistant Tactical Trucks and All Terrain Vehicles

The next generation of bomb resistant vehicles will be in Afghanistan along with the 30,000 extra troops They are equipped with everything from composite armor to “electronic keels”.

The M-ATV is made by Oshkosh defense. The M-ATV has a curb weight of just under 25,000 lb, and it’s powered by a 370-hp Caterpillar C7. It seats four passengers, plus one gunner; and has a central tire inflation system with four terrain settings to improve traction on unimproved roads. Max speed is 65 miles per hour; max range is 320 miles. Each one costs about $1.4 million, fully loaded.

MRAPs were the bomb resistant vehicles used in Iraq and weighed over 14 tons

The MRAPs were too bulky for Afghanistan’s rough terrain and primitive roadways. The suspensions took a beating, and the top-heavy MRAPs were prone to rollover.