Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics

The Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics (78 pages, register for free download)

Organic Solar for the start of grid impact will not be reasonable ready until 2016 at the earliest


(Small Displays) Electrophoretic price label display, segmented, driver electronics printed on backplane (2013)

Color e-reader, A4, 10 frames/sec, flex for robustness – Quad eXtended Graphics Array (QXGA) and WRGB, 8 bit (2016, lower quality but rollable 2014)

Large Displays:

Advertising poster, reflective, 4 bit color, A2, 50 (75) ppi (2015)

“Napkin PC”: A4 touch screen writable note pad for meetings, interface to computer
via bluetooth, WLAN or cable, >100 ppi, B/W, no grey scale (2017)

Centrally updated wallpaper, 1.2×2.4 m2, color,4 bit,>150 ppi (2021)

Two caveats are important in looking at these product generations. First, no one can really predict what products will penetrate the market; for example will the trend be to one big multifunctional screen that connects with everything or will there be a stronger trend to lightweight portable “personal displays”? (One should recall that several years ago many people thought the idea of a camera in a mobile phone was preposterous.) Thus whether these will be the specific products in the future is hard to predict, however be believe that these products show the kind of technology development (to color, high resolution, low cost etc.) that will be necessary in the coming years.

Second, display media can change over time.

OLED Lighting

Flexible thin lighting elements, 10 k-hr,