Status of Flying Cars – Parajet, Samson Motorworks and Terrifugia Transition

Parajet Skycar

The Parajet skycar costs $80,000 and can be ordered now and is scheduling deliveries for late 2010 Parajet flew and drove its prototype from London to Timbuktu in January 2009.

The Parajet SkyCar in “fly mode” is suspended by the latest ram-air wing and capable of take-off from a field or airstrip in less than 200 metres. It will be easier and safer to fly than any other aircraft, as it has no pitch control and therefore impossible to stall or dive. Should the engine fail, the pilot would simply glide down into the nearest field or strip of sandy desert.

In the unlikely event of catastrophic wing failure, car connection system failure or mid-air collision, an emergency ballistic reserve parachute can be deployed.

Wing: Custom-made Paramania Reflex Wing
Wing Span: 38 sqm
Take off Speed: 37 mph
Max Speed: 100mph
Cruising Speed: 82 mph
Range (miles): 200
Take off Range: 150 meters
Max. Altitude: 15,000 ft
Estimated standard price: £50,000
Deposit (fullly refundable): £10,000
Delivery date: Late 2010

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Samson Motors Switchblade

Samson Motors anticipate Switchblade flight testing to begin third quarter 2010, initial kit deliveries will begin approximately one year after completion of the flight testing program. Target price of the kit is $60,000 without engine or avionics, resulting in an overall targeted price of approximately $85,000. Much of this will be determined by the actual price of the kit, and the engine choice that the builders make

Terrafugia Transition

The Transition is flown by licensed pilots in and out of existing local airports. Once on the ground, with the wings folded the vehicle can be driven on any road. The Transition is powered by a certified aircraft engine that runs on unleaded automotive gasoline. Perfect for trips between 100 and 500 miles, the Transition is not designed to replace anyone’s automobile. First customer delivery is anticipated to be in 2011. Categorized as a Light Sport Aircraft, the Transition requires a Sport Pilot certificate to fly. The Transition costs $194,000.

Urban Aero is trying to make medevac x-hawk flying cars. Urban Aeronautics is trying to create, manufacture and market a family of VTOL, multi-mission, utility aircraft capable of operating safely in complex urban and natural environments. If things went as planned they would have some commercial vehicles in the 2013-2016 timeframe.

Wernicke SkyCar was developed and had test flights but could not raise the funds to go commercial

List of flying cars and roadable planes at roadable times