Carnival of Space 135 -Proposed Titan Mare Explorer (TiME) mission details

Carnival of Space 135 is up at Steve’s Astrocorner

This site provided articles on the possible discovery of dark matter particles and an overview of electron cyclotron resonance thrusters

Planetaria covers the proposed Titan Mare Explorer (TiME) mission. It has an estimated launch in January 2015 and landing in June 2022. The lander would float in one of the lakes or seas while conducting extensive analysis of this unique environment.

Space policy online has a 15 page pdf on the proposed Titan Mare Explorer (TiME) mission.

Relevance and Importance to NASA Planetary
Objectives and the Decadal Survey:
* Decadal Survey – Volatiles and Organics, The Stuff of Life
* Directly measure the organic constituents on another planetary object
* Decadal Survey – Processes: How Planetary Systems Work
* First active measurement of liquid cycle beyond Earth
* First exploration of planetary sea beyond Earth
* Flight demonstration of ASRG in two environments: deep space and non-terrestrial atmosphere
* Pioneer low-cost, outer planet mission

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