Contributions of Robert Freitas to Molecular Nanotechnology

Ralph Merkle discusses the contributions of Robert Freitas to Molecular Nanotechnology.

Ralph gives his introduction to molecular manufacturing.

Many development pathways and the a convergence to develop core molecular manufacturing capabilities.

Robert has contributed on the development pathways and the design and understanding of nanomedicine.

* Nanomedicine Volume I basic capabilities book 1999
* Nanomedicine Volume IIA biocompatibility
* recyprocyte
* microbiovores
* chromallocyte
* Kinematic self replicating machines

Even long term opportunities have value as they can encourage and guide near term work to achieve them.

Narrow down from whole periodic table to Hydrogen, Carbon and Germanium.

Minimal molecular toolset papers.

do the analysis of the steps and energetics and make sure that the pathological reactions (what you do not want to happen does not happen)

Optimal tooltip trajectories in a hydrogen abstraction tool Recharge reaction sequence for positionally controlled diamond mechanosynthesis