Google Nexus One Review Highlights

Wired has a review of the Google Nexus smartphone

* best feature is the ubiquitous voice recognition.
– about every time a text field appears — in search, in maps and even in e-mail — you can press a microphone key on the virtual keyboard and just say what you want to put in the field

* unlocked version for $530, or $180 for a two-year contract with T-Mobile.
* Other carriers later
* $80 a month T-Mobile plan
* 3.7-inch 800 x 400-pixel OLED screen
* four hard-wired touch controls on the bottom of that frame, including one that instantly brings up a search box
* You can replace the removable battery on the fly
* Official battery ratings seven hours 3G talk time, seven hours video
* Qualcomm Snapdragon processor
* 5-megapixel camera, with zoom and flash and editing features
* Super syncing with Google products (google voice, email, calendar etc…)
* Not so good computer syncing
– Connect to laptop via USB
– trigger a command for Nexus icon
– drag files over
* 512 KB of built-in flash memory, 4GB SD Card need bigger or more SD cards for more memory