High Energy Microwave Cannon for Disabling Cars and Improvised Explosive Devices Has been Field Tested

Eureka Aerospace has a high energy microwave cannon for stopping cars

Eureka Aerospace’s current High-Power Electromagnetic System (HPEMS) uses a compact, tunable power source and a high-gain antenna to beam microwave energy in the direction of targeted vehicles. Once emitted, these electromagnetic waves bring vehicles to a halt by inducing strong disabling currents in their ignition and control systems.

Specific key applications for HPEMS include:
• Immediate immobilization of cars and trucks on roads and multi-lane highways
• Non-lethal area denial to vehicles (high-value asset perimeter protection)
• Protection of ships and oil platforms on the open seas
• Neutralization and detonation of IEDs at standoff distances in excess of 100 m

The system would not work on 1970s or older cars that do not have a heavy reliance on electronics.