Optomec Can Now Print Touch Screen Displays

Optomec has a new Aerosol Jet Display Lab system

Optomec is an additive manufacturing leader for high performance applications.

* The Aerosol Jet Solar Print Engine in their back end manufacturing line is capable of processing 2400 wafers/hour. (Solar Cells with 20% Efficiency)

* researchers have developed the ability to fully print thin-film transistors (TFTs) with operating frequencies exceeding 5 GHz built from single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) ink from Brewer Science, and printed using Optomec’s Aerosol Jet system

* Optomec systems can help make 3D interconnects

The system is being used today by these companies to develop applications such as bridge/jumper circuits for bus lines on ITO/Glass, edge circuits for handheld displays, and fully printed Thin Film Transistors. The benefits of the patented Aerosol Jet Direct Write technology are its multi-material, fine line (<10 um) printing capability which eliminates many process steps/costs associated with current photolithographic and vacuum based display manufacturing processes. Also, the Aerosol Jet Print Engine can be integrated into automation platforms to meet high volume display production requirements. Multi-nozzle dispensing heads can be configured to meet specific end-user throughput needs. The additive process employed by Aerosol Jet technology reduces environmental impact by minimizing waste and chemicals that are prevalent in traditional electronics’ manufacturing processes.

The Aerosol Jet Display Lab system is an ideal platform for developing next generation display products. With an expanded work envelope, the system enables printing on a wide variety of flexible and rigid substrates up to GEN 2 size. The system is equipped with patented Aerosol Jet technology enabling high resolution deposition of a wide variety of materials including conductive nano-particle inks, insulators, dielectrics, polymers, adhesives and other advanced materials used to fabricate display products. The Aerosol Jet process is a breakthrough deposition technology enabling finer feature sizes than traditional ink-jet or screen print processes. The Aerosol Jet process utilizes an innovative Direct-Write, aerodynamic focusing technology that produces high resolution features as small as 10 microns without the need for masks or secondary processing steps. And when it’s time to move into volume production, Aerosol Jet technology is available in standard and custom multi-nozzle dispensing configurations to meet your throughput requirements.