Paul Saffo on Engineers, druids, and the growing foresight deficit

Paul thinks the polerization of politics will spread to science (beyond just environmentalism.

Engineers say flee into the future faster than ever. Use technical solutions. By nature an optimist.

Druids – the old technical solutions got us into this mess. By nature pessimists.

DDT – Silent Spring environmental movement

Nuclear power development – Rickover – Nuclear subs and Light Water reactors for power and plutonium – But there were better reactors options – four decades anti nuclear movement

San Jose solar poewr farm – Past Salinas 420 MW on 3000 acres. (Penochay)

Reaction against solar megafields. Solar megafields are to now what the hydro dams were to the early twentieth century.

Put solar closer to people and places that are already built up. Like roofs in LA (I am posting Paul Saffo’s views and talk. Long time readers will know that I have a differing opinion)

Stewart Brand and the promotion of nuclear power for energy.

1995, Newt Gingrinch shut down Office of Technology Assessment ($22 million per year to run).

Need to move foresight to the masses.

Need to engage powerful short term thinkers (Wall Street).

Need to repopulate the political and technological middle.