CEA-Leti claims low power solution for multi Gigabit per second networks

The Electronics and Information Technology Laboratory of the CEA (CEA-Leti) of France claimed it has developed a low-power solution for high-speed networks (1 to 100 Gbps) using long-wavelength VCSELs (Vertical Cavity Emitting Lasers).

Project Partners claimed they demonstrated error-free 10GBASE-LR operation up to 100°C, concurrently with record performance: single-mode ( > 30dB SMSR) power of > 1mW up to 100°C ( > 2mW at room temperature) and 10Gbps modulation and transmission over 10-km single mode fiber with BER < 10^11 up to 100°C with < 1-dB power penalty. CEA Leti website