Energy News Roundup – details on difficulty in making a nuclear bomb and some energy politics

1. Depleted Cranium has an excellent article on the problems of making a nuclear bomb from material taken from a commercial nuclaer reactor and even taking material during reprocessing.

The issue is the percentage of Plutonium 240 and Plutonium 241 mixed in with Plutonium 239. Having too much Plutonium 240 and 241 means you will get a fizzle instead of a bomb. Enriching Uranium or Plutonium to weapons grade is extremely difficult.

2. Brave New Climate notes how climate change skeptics (or pro-climate change people) and anti-nuclear people are irrelevent to the global energy situation. The reason being is that the majority (80+5) of energy development is being done in China, India, Russia and other countries where climate change and anti-nuclear movements are irrelevant.

3. Thorium Energy notices the hypocracy of the green energy sites and how they ignored the natural gas plant accident which killed 6 people