A Path to 8 nanometer or Narrower Self Assembled Lithography

Nano Letters – A Path to Ultranarrow Patterns Using Self-Assembled Lithography

The templated self-assembly of block copolymer (BCP) thin films can generate regular arrays of 10−50 nm scale features with good positional and orientational accuracy, but the ordering, registration and pattern transfer of sub-10-nm feature sizes is not well established. Here, we report solvent-annealing and templating methods that enable the formation of highly ordered grating patterns with a line width of 8 nm and period 17 nm from a self-assembled poly(styrene-b-dimethylsiloxane) (PS-PDMS) diblock copolymer. The BCP patterns can be registered hierarchically on a larger-period BCP pattern, which can potentially diversify the available pattern geometries and enables precise pattern registration at small feature sizes. Sub-10-nm-wide tungsten nanowires with excellent order and uniformity were fabricated from the self-assembled patterns using a reactive ion etching process.

8 page pdf with supplemental information


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