Quantum Crypto Chip Bring Commercialization in Sight for 2013

Canberra-based QuintessenceLabs, a leader in quantum communications technology, has partnered with RMIT University to miniaturise its second-generation Quantum Key Distribution technology into a silicon photonic microchip. A commercial run of the quantum chip was about three years away.

The technology uses one-time pad encryption in real-time, offering high-speed and untappable communications.

Integration on to a silicon photonic chip would considerably reduce the size and cost of the cryptosystem.

Based on 5 years of in-house R&D, QuintessenceLabs is the world leader in second generation quantum cryptography technology to protect information in transit with true end-to-end, real-time, one-time pad encryption. Products incorporating our bright laser beam technology can achieve high speed, untappable, ultra-secure communications.