Spray on Liquid Glass to Make Things Easier to clean and antimicrobial for Years and Can Increase Crop Yields

Spray on Liquid Glass is food safe and can make any surface easy to clean and antimicrobial for years and can be used to increase the yields of agricultural crops

“SiO2- ultra thin layering” is the technical term for Liquid Glass.

The flexible and breathable glass coating is approximately 100 nanometres thick (500 times thinner than a human hair), and so it is completely undetectable. It is food safe, environmentally friendly (winner of the Green Apple Award) and it can be applied to almost any surface within seconds . When coated, all surfaces become easy to clean and anti- microbially protected (Winner of the NHS Smart Solutions Award ). Houses, cars, ovens, wedding dress or any other protected surface become stain resistant and can be easily cleaned with water ; no cleaning chemicals are required. Amazingly a 30 second DIY application to a sink unit will last for a year or years, depending on how often it is used. But it does not stop there – the coatings are now also recognised as being suitable for agricultural and in-vivo application. Vines coated with SiO2 don’t suffer from mildew, and coated seeds grow more rapidly without the need for anti-fungal chemicals. This will result in farmers in enjoying massively increased yields .

The np-coatings are in principle pure, flexible , super-durable glass, albeit at the molecular level. These characteristics can protect glass surfaces and add extra functionality to the glass surface , making it :

* Easy-to-Clean
* Protectected against aggressive environmental influence
* Protected against abrasion
* Hydrophobic
* Oleophobic
* Food safe
* Protectected against glass corrosion
* Anti-microbially protected ( this characteristic has massive implications for domestic, healthcare and industrial environments )

This technology is now available for domestic use in Germany. Full scale retail availability in the UK will commence in early 2010

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