Thermoelectic Updates

2009 Thermoelectrics Applications Workshop – Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (DOE)

79 page pdf – The Growth Potential of Thermoelectrics

Why Use Thermoelectrics?
If the 220 M Personal Vehicles in the US had Thermoelectric Generators powering Thermoelectric Coolers/Heaters (HVAC)
* Save 4.5 Billion gals/year of fuel
* Reduce Greenhouse Gases by 69.5 Million Metric Tons of CO2 /year

27 page pdf – Can Thermoelectrics Help Energy Savings and Emission Reduction Goals in the United States?

* Solid-state cooling, heating and power generation
* Small, light-weight. Potentially very reliable and rugged
* Electrically powered with very few (or no) moving parts
* Distributed (and spot) cooling/heating/temperature control/heat pumping
* No gaseous pollutants/CO2 replacement for cooling/heating applications
* Interfaces well with electrified systems

Technical Details

36 page pdf – Overview of thermoelectrics in Japan

29 page pdf with overview of thermoelectrics in China

51 page pdf- An Overview of Thermoelectric Waste Heat Recovery Activities in Europe

Thermoelectrics for space RTGs