Blacklight Power Releases Paper that Details Their Continuous Power Generator

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Blacklight Power Continuous Power System (29 page pdf) They are calculating $1064 per KWe.

Perhaps the release of cold fusion battery proposals from George Miley will prompt Blacklight Power to be more forthcoming with information. Although a lot of the description is non-controversial aspects of how to convert heat into electricity if you have a good source of heat. The controversy will not go away until the commercial units are operating and the reaction powders and components are openly available to third party testing and the specific claims are confirmed and reproduced.

20 page pdf of Blacklight Powers thermally coupled reactor

A ten page paper on using blacklight power to power a car

A 14 page engineering presentation that summarizes the claims of the larger papers

Blacklight Power has signed an agreement with an Italian chemical and power company. (GEOENERGIE SpA)

Reaction Mixture Chemical List

For a one megawatt thermal output plant the total chemical mass is 1500 kg.


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