China increasing Nuclear and Hydroelectric Energy Targets for 2020 and China Smart Grid construction Planned for 2011-2015

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“China is adjusting its mid- and long-term nuclear plan and judging by current work preparations, nuclear capacity by a conservative standard will reach 70-80 GW by 2020,” Huang Li, deputy head of the National Energy Administration’s energy saving and equipment department

Huang Li said the government is drafting a plan to increase hydropower capacity to 270 GW by 2020. The goal would be 37 percent higher than the current 197 GW.

Those statements are roughly in line with rumored energy generation targets for China.

In 2006/7 the projection was that China would have about 35% power from non-fossil fuel sources in 2020. 270GW Hydro, 40GW nuclear, 123GW from renewable if targets are reached

In 2009, the rumored energy targets for China for 2020 were 300 GW Hydro, 75GW nuclear, 150GW from renewable if targets are reached. 46% of power would be from non-coal sources if natural gas usage is increased as projected.

The government’s official survey data show the country could theoretically generate 694 GW from hydro sources, of which about 541 GW is technically feasible and 401 GW is economically feasible.

China’s power use reached 272.1 billion kWh in February, up 10.54% year on year, according to the latest statistics released by the National Energy Administration.

Large-scale construction of China’s modernized electricity network or smart grid is slated to begin in 2011, according to the nation’s power grid operator.

The timeline for the comprehensive system, designed to increase the country’s power transmission capabilities, will run from 2011 to 2015.


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