Cowpea Virus Delivers Drugs to Kill Cancer Cells

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Norwich BioScience Institutes have developed particles from the Cowpea mosaic virus can carry anti-cancer agents to cancer cells.

Materials View China – Cowpea Mosaic Virus Unmodified Empty Viruslike Particles Loaded with Metal and Metal Oxide

Empty (devoid of RNA) viruslike particles (eVLPs) of Cowpea mosaic virus can now be obtained readily. CPMV can encapsulate, within the protein capsid, cobalt or iron oxide by environmentally benign processes. The external surface also remains amenable to chemical modification. The development of eVLPs for targeted delivery of therapeutic agents is now a reality.

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In 2008, there was the first work on using the tobacco mosaic virus to deliver siRNA to cells

Tobacco mosaic virus is like a 18-nanometer wide straw, which can hold gene silencing RNA.

“The speed with which you develop siRNA drugs is truly amazing,” said Stephen Hyde. “In the past, a traditional small molecule drug might take several years of intensive research effort by a large team of scientists to develop. Today, with siRNA technology, it is possible for a single researcher to develop a drug candidate in a few weeks.”

Block copolymer nanotemplating of tobacco mosaic and tobacco necrosis viruses (Nov 2008)

Joural of Virology -Interaction of the Tobacco Mosaic Virus Replicase Protein with a NAC Domain Transcription Factor Is Associated with the Suppression of Systemic Host Defenses (Oct 2009)


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