Dwave Systems Targets Human Level or Better AI Using Quantum Computers

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HPlusMagazine reports – The ultimate goal of the Quantum Computer Company Dwave Systems is to help achieve AI that’s human-level… or better.

* D-Wave Systems intends to push the field further than ever before with the world’s first 128-qubit computer, running on superconducting circuits.
* D-Wave’s quantum computers are currently engaged in optimizing learning algorithms that can be transferred to conventional computers.
* D-Wave recently worked with Google on the “Google Goggles” augmented reality mobile phone application by using their systems to “teach” a neural network how to recognize objects like automobiles, and then transferring those optimized algorithms to the mobile application.
* D-Wave’s quantum computers will help steward this AI in mobile systems by acting as “tutors” for the myriad devices that will require optimal AI algorithms to compete in the marketplace

Dwave CTO on Transhumanism, Immortality and the Singularity

But will these smart machines lead, as most transhumanists believe, to the Singularity? Rose doesn’t think so. “I think the term ‘singularity’ is flawed, because it implies a single event. If there is a single event, we already had it when we invented the transistor. I get the feeling the early days are here already.” And while Rose believes in the feasibility of life extension, he thinks it too will be based on silicon, rather than tinkering with our current biological template. We will enter the future as machine intelligences. “Our bodies fail in a lot of different ways, and it’s likely we can’t extend those bodies past their ‘best-by’ date, but physics says what we are as humans isn’t dependent on a substrate. There’s no physical reason why it isn’t possible to replace that substrate with silicon.” He adds, “I question the belief that ending death is ‘too hard.’ There’s no reason we can’t find a way to break the cycle, and the way to defeat it is to remove the substrate.”


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