Engineering Consultants Parsons Brinckerhoff has a 2010 Study of Energy Costs for the UK

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Parsons Brinckerhoff, the international engineering consultant and leading power specialist, has issued the 2010 update to its Powering the Nation report to reflect recent major changes in the economy and in the power plant market

The generating costs (p/kWh – pence per kilowatt hours) for each generation type are shown as a distribution of likely values rather than a single estimate. The company believes this provides a more realistic approach for the range of uncertainty in plant costs applicable to each type. Data is also presented as a typical breakdown of cost contributions from different elements including capital, fuel and other operating costs. Full details are available online

The 5 page pdf for Powering the Nation 2010 update is here

Typical cost ranges include:

Tidal generation – between 16 and 38 p/kWh
Offshore wind – between 15 and 21 p/kWh
Onshore wind – between 8 and 11 p/kWh
Combined cycle gas turbine – between 6 and 11 p/kWh
Nuclear – between 6 and 8 p/kWh

The 2010 price estimates diverging from the 2008 values. Indicative changes for the various types are as follows:

Plant type Change relative to 2008
Tidal              +10%
Offshore wind      +70%
OCGT Gas            +5%
IGCC               +30% (change includes addition of CCS)
BFBC/ Large biomass -5% (increase in capacity to 250MW)
Onshore wind       +20%
CCGT               +25%
Nuclear            +40%

Powering the Future is a comprehensive report by global engineering consultancy Parsons Brinckerhoff. It focuses on the implications of meeting the UK government’s carbon reduction targets for 2050 and highlights critical steps for tackling CO2 reduction.

The full Powering the Future report is 176 pages long


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