Life Extension Roundup

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1. Rejuvenation Research Journal – life span can be extended in old mice by transplant of a young thymus.

The Thymus is source of T-cells, which are your active immune system.

Rejuvenating your immune system would improve health and lifespan.

2. Fighting – Rapamycin, an immunosuppressant which extends the life of older mice to a signicant level effects long term memory formation

3. Fighting -mitochondrial uncoupling research shows promise for increasing health and lifespan

Repair of damaged mitochondria throughout the body should have a far greater effect on longevity than any change to metabolism that merely slows the accumulation of damage – and such repair technologies are comparatively close to fruition.

4. looks at progess in stem cell science

Progress is being made to the goal of low-cost and reliable sources of specific cell populations, and ways to quickly generate those sources from a patient’s own cells.


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