Reprogrammable Nanomechanical Logic Gate from Boston University

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Nanoletters – A Noise-Assisted Reprogrammable Nanomechanical Logic Gate

We present a nanomechanical device, operating as a reprogrammable logic gate, and performing fundamental logic functions such as AND/OR and NAND/NOR. The logic function can be programmed (e.g., from AND to OR) dynamically, by adjusting the resonator’s operating parameters. The device can access one of two stable steady states, according to a specific logic function; this operation is mediated by the noise floor which can be directly adjusted, or dynamically “tuned” via an adjustment of the underlying nonlinearity of the resonator, i.e., it is not necessary to have direct control over the noise floor. The demonstration of this reprogrammable nanomechanical logic gate affords a path to the practical realization of a new generation of mechanical computers.

Raj Mohanty’s web page

Raj Mohanty Nano Group at Boston University

Publications of the Nano group

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