Russia has a Deal to Build 16 Nuclear Reactors in India and Other World Nuclear News

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1. BBC News reports that Russia has announced it will build 16 nuclear reactors in India as part of defence and energy deals.

Russia’s state-owned nuclear company earlier said six of the reactors would be built by 2017.

Russia is already building two reactors in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

Russia is competing with French and US firms for contracts to build nuclear power plants in Asia’s third-largest economy which is looking to increase its energy supply to sustain rapid economic growth.

Coal still accounts for more than 50% of India’s energy use – but a substantial expansion of nuclear power reactors is proposed over the next few decades.

2. The Illinois State Senate voted March 16 to drop the ban on building nuclear power plants in Illinois.

3. Israel and Syria have both told a conference in Paris they want to use nuclear power to generate electricity.

Israeli Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau told delegates his country wanted to build new nuclear plants to reduce its dependence on coal.

4. On June 21–22 2010, plant owners/ utilities, OEM firms, contractors, regulators and nuclear industry experts will meet to discuss nuclear power uprating in the USA The nuclear uprate market in the USA is estimated at $25 billion and about $250-500 million is spent on each major nuclear plant uprate. Uprates, plant life extensions and operating efficiency improvement are the fastest way to grow the current nuclear capacity and can provide 15-50% more nuclear power over the next 15 years (even without new nuclear power plants).

* Understand the importance of power uprates and what we want to achieve through future projects
* Discover where solutions are needed regarding uprates in order to make future projects more time efficient and financially effective
* Learn about the views of power uprates beyond 120% and what this would mean for the industry
* Understand what it means for uprates if nuclear plants continue to run after 60 years and what the effect this will have on nuclear projects
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5. Sheffield Forgemasters, a UK manufacturer, will be able to supply ultra-heavy forgings for nuclear power plants after a strategic government loan announced today.

With plans in the UK for a new Areva EPR to operate at the end of 2017, and three more following at 18-24 month intervals, it is conceivable that even early units could feature main forgings made in Britain.

The rest of the UK’s build program comes later, with perhaps another by six to eight reactors by 2025


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