Science Fiction Displays Now Real – Navigation Super High Resolution Images and Rollup Displays

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HP and Arizona state university have Demonstrated flexible displays that can be rolled up This should be on the market in 2012 and in mass production in 2013.

The flexible displays can be mass produced by using a production method called Self-Aligned Imprint Lithography (SAIL). By manufacturing the displays in the form of rolls instead of sheets makes the production method more cost effective.

Rollup newspaper displays were shown in Minority Report.

Gigapixel images are great, but navigating them on a regular sized display through a slow web browser isn’t such a great experience. A video below shows how we navigate a 13.3 gigapixel image of Tromsø, Norway on a 22 megapixel display wall, using a custom, camera-based multi-touch interface and a custom system for high-performance navigation and visualization of high-resolution datasets.

Blade Runner Had a Super-resolution image that was navigated by the Harrison ford Character.

There are multi-gigapixel cameras and the gigapan robotic camera rig allows a regular DSLR camera to take multiple images that can be stiched together to make a super high resolution image

Gigapan has released the Epic Pro, a mount that can handle DSLR camera and lens combination of up to 10 lbs. Earlier versions of the mount were created for lightweight and compact cameras. The Pro, designed with a magnesium chassis and aluminum arm, weighs about 8 lbs including the battery pack. It’s features include the ability to adjust time between exposure, motor speed, aspect ratio and picture overlap.

A year ago, Gigapan launched its first robotic camera mount called Epic that automates the process of taking different images to compose the ultimate shot. The mount allows photographers with almost any point-and-shoot digital camera to click photos without worrying about missing details that might ruin a picture when it is eventually stitched together. A software program called Stitch that comes with the device allows the photos to be blended together and uploaded to where users can zoom into the detail, explore and share.

The Epic Pro mount will be available in April, says the company, and it will cost $895. The hobbyist focused Epic 100 costs $450 and the smallest rig Epic designed for compact digital cameras is $350.

HP Flexible Display Demo

ASU flexible display demo 2008

G Speak minority report os demo


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