Strong Foreign Run for Avatar Should See Over $3 billion in Box Office

After just over ten weeks of release Avatar has passed $2.548 billion in worldwide box office

This was the box office level I had projected back in early January.

This is $101 million more than its total from last week, when its total was $2.47 billion.

Titanic made 50% more money after ten weeks Avatar does not have quite the legs of Titanic but it is close. 30% more box office is possible, especially in foreign markets where a good performing movie is often not squeezed out of theatres as quickly as in the US.

$3.06 billion would be Avatar total if there is another 20% of box office
$3.3 billion would the world box office total for Avatar with another 30% box office.
$3.55 billion total if there is another 40% box office.
$3.8 billion if there is another 50% box office.

My new prediction (guestimate) is $3.3 billion world box office which would be almost double the old non-inflation adjusted record for Titanic. Double would be $3.6 billion in world box office.


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