World Nuclear Energy in 2010

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The status of nuclear reactors expected to start in 2010

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – LINGAO 3 (Ling Ao II Phase 2) (China)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2010/08/31
Net Capacity 1000 MWe
Commercial Operation 2010/12/15
Construction Started 2005/12/15

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – QINSHAN 2-3 (China)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2010/12/28
Net Capacity 610 MWe
Commercial Operation 2011/03/28
Construction Started 2006/03/28

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – RAJASTHAN-5 (India)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2009/12/22
Net Capacity 202 MWe
Commercial Operation 2010/02/04

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – RAJASTHAN-6 (India)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2010/02/28
Net Capacity 202 MWe
Commercial Operation 2010/03/31

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – KAIGA-4 (India)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2010/04/30
Net Capacity 202 MWe
Commercial Operation 2010/05/31

The second reactor at Russia’s Volgodonsk nuclear power plant has been brought to the minimum controlled power level, moving it a step closer to starting commercial operation. (Jan 2010, 950 MWe)

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – ATUCHA-2 (Argentina)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2010/10/01
Net Capacity 692 MWe
Commercial Operation N/A

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – BUSHEHR 1 (Iran)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2010/07/01
Net Capacity 915 MWe
Commercial Operation 2010/12/20

Some of the 2011 and 2012 Reactors

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – QINSHAN 2-4 (China)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2011/09/28
Net Capacity 610 MWe
Commercial Operation 2012/01/28
Construction Started 2007/01/28

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – KUDANKULAM-1 (India)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2011/02/28
Net Capacity 917 MWe
Commercial Operation 2011/03/31

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – KUDANKULAM-2 (India)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2011/08/31
Net Capacity 917 MWe
Commercial Operation 2011/09/30

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – SHIN-KORI-2 (korea)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2011/08/01
Net Capacity 960 MWe
Commercial Operation 2011/12/31

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – SHIMANE-3 (Japan)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2011/12/15
Net Capacity 1325 MWe
Commercial Operation 2011/12/15

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – CHASNUPP 2 (Pakistan)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2011/05/31
Net Capacity 300 MWe
Commercial Operation 2011/08/31

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – FLAMANVILLE-3 (France)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2012/05/01
Net Capacity 1600 MWe
Commercial Operation N/A

Nuclear Power Reactor Details – WATTS BAR-2 (USA)
Connected to Electricity Grid 2012/08/01
Net Capacity 1165 MWe
Commercial Operation N/A

The Japan Atomic Energy Agency will run Monju (fast reactor) at zero output for two months (April/May 2010). They plan to achieve a 40 percent output next year and 100 percent output in 2012. Full-scale operation is planned in or after 2013

A Joint Venture will design and produce a prototype Russian 100 MW lead-bismuth fast reactor (SVBR-100) with a view of commercializing the technology.

SVBR-100 is being developed at the enterprises owned by Rosatom. The JV’s short-term plans include completing the RND for the project and producing a detailed design of the pilot reactor and principal equipment and also obtaining necessary licenses. A pilot power generating unit based on SVBR-100 technology is scheduled to be commissioned around 2019. IAEA’s estimates show that some 500-1000 power generating units based on small-to-medium reactors can be launched in the period till 2040. The SVBR technology could account for 10% to 15% of the global nuclear power market of small-to-medium capacity.

Previous article that looked at nuclear power in 2009 and 2010

2010 7 new reactors, 6.2 GWe (shifted the two Canadian Reactors to 2011)
2011 11 new reactors, 9.3 GWe
2012 10 new reactors, 9.92 GWe
2013 12 new reactors, 13.08 GWe
2014 14 new reactors, 13.63 GWe

OECD power generation for 2009 in a pdf report by the IEA.


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