Blacklight Power Claims Validation and Due Diligence Being Performed by National Labs and Major Corporations

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Blacklight Power claims to have a revolutionary and highly controversial energy generation process that is about one hundred times more powerful than chemical processes. They have a new 169 page technical presentation, but the main point of interest is on the bottom of the page three slide.

Validations and Technical Due Diligence – underway with National Labs, defense contractors, electronics manufacturers, large conglomerates, multi-national energy companies and others.

This would suggest that they have widely distributed something for those organizations and institutes to test and validate. It is probably the powders which are supposed to generate more heat than normal chemical processes. Those powders were validated by researchers at Rowan University. If there is something being widely validated then one would think that it would be in Blacklight Power’s interest to widely publicize results by those third parties (assuming success). Also, it should not take more than a few weeks to perform the actual tests and no more than months to verify. It would be highly suspect if none of these validations were published by the end of 2010.

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