By 2020 we could have 20 million transistor power chips implanted into Living cells which would also have Computer controlled Movement

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What looks possible by 2020 if the research from five different research groups can be combined ?

Here is the five things to combine –

1. Montreal researchers have created computer controlled bacteria to make nanopyramids.

Magnetic nanoparticles under computer control – determine how the cilia operate.

2. Other researchers have placed 3 micron X 3 micron by half a micron chips inside living cells and

3. in the same article as number 2 other researchers have used magnetized nanoparticles to control cells and hold them in desired positions and shapes

4. From the exclusive nextbigufuture interview with an executive from Tilera, a company that makes One hundred core CPUs that use 7 times less energy for the same processing power as Intel chips.

Tilera forecast making 3D cube chips with 1000 cores by 2020.

5. Memristor-CMOS hybrid chips are close – probably first one commercial within 3 years.

FPGA like processes can make memristor-CMOS chips.
Memristor nanowires scale down to 5 nanometer feature size.
Each memristor can do the work of 10 transistors

Therefore the 2020 possibility combining the above – 5 nanometer feature size, 20 layer chips with only half micron thickness.

300 by 300 by 20 layers of memristors would be equal to about 2 million memristors with a performance of 20 million transistors implantable into a
living cell. If the living cells have flagella they would have with computer controlled movement.

Other Highlights

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Biotime reversed the aging of human cells – restores telomeres to embryonic state. Aging REVERSED in human cells.

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