Carnival of Space 148 – fusion space planes and black hole time travel

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The Carnival of Space 148 is up Celestial Spider

This site provided:

A summary of a George Miley presentation on nuclear fusion rockets and spaceplanes using dense plasma focus fusion and it reviews other nuclear fusion rocket proposals (lots of pictures). The nuclear fusion enabled spaceplane can go single stage to orbit with about 2000 ISP.

A summary of the Selenian Boondocks look at using superconductors for Aerobraking which would greatly reduce the challenge of making a reusable heat shield and could be used to reduce weight for earth to moon vehicles. This is also reviews my own look at the latest in stronger superconducting magnets and a new method for making charging of permanant superconductor magnets cheap and easy

Weird warp looks at how to measure the atmosphere of an exoplanet

Weird Science looks at the plausibility of Time Machines.

Travelling forward or looking at light from the past is easy and we can get a lot better at doing both in straight forward ways.

Travelling at relatavistic speeds lets you slow down the passage of time that you experience and we could make advances in life extension.

Whether it is possible to physically go into the past or jump forward into the future via black holes or wormholes is the interesting question that Weird Science examines

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