Genescient Received More Funding and Will Be Conducting a Test of a Health Enhancing Compound

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Genescient received $500,000 in additional funding in December, 2009

Genescient Corporation is a California evolutionary genomics company. Its technology is based on the genomics of model organisms (methuselah flies that live over four times longer than regular flies) selectively bred for health and longevity over 30 years. This genomic information is combined with whole-genome data, and massive clinical databases to identify, screen and develop benign therapeutic substances for the treatment of the chronic aging-associated diseases including cardiovascular disease, Type II diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases. Genescient will also provide its clients with genomic information services that address the genes responsible for the complex genomic trait “rate of aging”.

Sometime this year Genescient will be conducting a trial of a health enhancing compound. Genescient needs people aged 40-75 for the trial. Contact if you are in the age range and are interested in volunteering for the trial.

Genescient is now filtering through known safe (FDA approved for some purpose) drugs and non-drugs (like herbs and other natural substances that do not need approval) that can activate what they have identified as longevity genes.

Volunteers for the trial need to be 40-75
* no past history of myocardial infarction (heart attack), cerebra-vascular accidents (stroke) or cancer (People with minor skin cancers can be included in the pilot, people with melanoma are excluded)
* no renal failure (creatine > 2)
* no diagnosed psychiatric disorders, dementia
* no other illness interfering with intestinal absorption of substances or known to severely impair longevity

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