A Giant Dome is Being Built to Contain the Sunken Oil Rig Oil Spill

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Cofferdams are shown in the picture

Engineers are building a giant dome to contain the oil spilling from the sunken oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico

The dimensions of the dome are still being worked out, but officials said it would be similar to welded steel containment structures called cofferdams that are already used in oil rig construction.

“If you could picture a half dome on top of the leak and the oil collects inside of this dome and is pumped out from there, that is the idea behind it,” said Danner.

It’s a dome that would be placed over the leak and instead of the oil leaking into the water column it would leak into this dome structure,” US coast guard spokesman Prentice Danner.

“They started working on the fabrication of this dome structure fairly recently and its estimated it will take two to four weeks to build

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