High Volume Production of Quantum Dots for Solar Cells and Other Applications

Solterra Renewable Technologies will be producing and distributing a Thin Film Quantum Dot PV Solar Cell, which is differentiated from other traditional PV cells by a unique technology that can result in lower cost, higher efficiency, and broader spectral performance. Solterra’s Quantum Dot Solar Cell can achieve a dramatically lower manufacturing cost per watt in part, because we can manufacture our own quantum dots using a patent pending, revolutionary process that results in the production of extremely desirable, high quality tetrapod quantum dots at a cost savings in excess of 95%.

Quantum Materials Corporation (Stock: QTMM) (formerly Hague Corporation) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Solterra Renewable Technologies entered into a process development agreement with a consortium of advanced chemistry companies in the Netherlands to validate high volume production methods for its proprietary low cost, high quality tetrapod quantum dots. Solterra’s vision to significantly increase available solar energy generation and to bring low cost quantum dots to the LED, display, broader optoelectronic and biomedical research markets.

The continuous flow chemistry technology developed by the consortium, consisting of FutureChemistry Holding BV and Flowid BV, enables rapid assessment of input parameters to control output characteristics of the quantum dots and high parallel capacity for increased production.

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