IEA Summaries the Energy Efficiency Plans of 18 Countries

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The International Energy Agency summarizes the energy efficiency plans of 18 countries who submitted energy efficiency plans. (12 page pdf, Jan 2010)

In all of the country reports received, there is evidence of significant energy efficiency policy action. The most significant observations from these country reports cover three areas. The first is that the spending focus on energy efficiency seen in the previous two country reports (31 March and 15 September 2009) appears largely unchanged, and is still concentrated in the building sector. Second, countries are actively undertaking analysis and public consultation to plan for future projects. Third, many countries reported activity taking place in the area of fiscal policy, from amendments to new fiscal measures.

This report provides a summary of the 18 country reports submitted by the following countries to the IEA by 26 January 2010:
* Australia
* Austria
* Belgium
* Canada
* Finland
* Germany
* Greece
* Hungary
* Ireland
* Italy
* Japan
* Korea
* Netherlands
* Portugal
* Slovak Republic
* Sweden
* UK
* US
The purpose of this summary report is to highlight energy efficiency policy action and planning in IEA member countries since the last meeting of the Energy Efficiency Working Party (EEWP)2 held in September 2009. This paper is not meant to be a comprehensive review of every energy efficiency-related policy in all IEA member countries.

Significant policy developments for Buildings

* Countries continue to pursue policies to improve building codes and energy certificate schemes.

* Finland proposed stricter energy efficiency regulations for new buildings and renovations
* The Netherlands strengthened standards for newly built houses by 25% in 2011 and by 50% in 2015 compared to the standard in 2007.

* Several countries are providing substantial funding for residents to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Canada offered CAD 300 million over two years for its ecoENERGY Retrofit-Homes Programme, and Australia is offering rebates for home insulation under its Home Insulation Programme.
* Japan extended the Eco Point Program to new and renovated residential buildings

* Transport, lighting and appliances and demand management also had some new policies

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