LTE mobile gateways break 100 Gb/s speeds

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EETimes reports Ixia together with with Alcatel-Lucent announced the results of an LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC) test that broke the 100 Gb/s barrier for mobile gateways. This means that mobile nodes with LTE will be able to handle higher density of heavy bandwidth mobile users. 80 people could be downloading 1 Gb/s or 800 people could be downloading 100 Mb/s in one cell.

Alcatel-Lucent routers were stressed using Ixia’s IxLoad application and Acceleron load modules and successfully passed multimedia traffic over simultaneous 80 Gb/s downstream and 20 Gb/s upstream links. The scenario roughly equated to 1.5 million voice LTE channels or, inversely, more than 65,000 high-definition html-based H.264 video sessions running concurrently at aggregate speeds over 100 Gb/s.

The Economist recently predicted that mobile Internet users are expected to surpass fixed Internet users in 2011. Mobile data traffic in the coming years will reach volumes thousands of times higher than previously seen in wireless networks, imposing significant challenges on both the radio access network (RAN) and EPC in LTE mobile broadband rollouts, according ot Ixia

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