Memristor Extends Moore’s Law by Decades and Will Enable Exascale Computers by 2020

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Zdnet visited Stan Williams at HP Labs to discuss memristors

* It will take us about 3 years before we have commercial memristors. The good news is that they are easy to make and completely compatible with standard CMOS chip manufacturing techniques. They also scale to small features very well. And standard chip design tools work very well for memristors.

* with memristors, we can easily lay down multiple layers of memristors, effectively extending Moore’s Law by decades.

* Memristors could save a lot of power in data processing because they don’t require any power to maintain their data storage.

* Using memristors for processing brings other potential changes. Instead of just two states, on or off, as with transistors, memristors can represent many states. This means we can create new types of computing models, we can also create analog computers, which you don’t program, but you let them learn. You can then replicate the learning to other memristor analog computers.

* We might be able to use memristors in a similar way to synapses in the human brain.

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