Nanopatch induces a protective immune response Using 100 Times Less Vaccine

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The Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, demonstrated that a vaccine delivered by a Nanopatch induces a similarly protective immune response as a vaccine delivered by needle and syringe, but uses 100 times less vaccine.

Being both painless and needle-free, the nanopatch offers hope for those with needle phobia, as well as improving the vaccination experience for young children. The result is ten times better than the best results achieved by other delivery methods and does not require the use of other immune stimulants, called adjuvants, or multiple vaccinations.

* the Nanopatch requires neither a trained practitioner to administer it nor refrigeration, it has enormous potential cheaply deliver vaccines in developing nations

* The Nanopatch will enable the vaccination of many more people


In the recent H1N1 pandemic, adjuvants were used in europe to enable earlier vaccinations and the creation of more doses months earlier than without adjuvants. Nanopatches could safely speed the vaccination process. If you had 100 times less actual vaccine, then the nanopatches would still enable the delivery of immune responses.

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