Proposed source of Dark Matter and Cosmic Background Radiation is Millimeter Blackholes

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Arxiv – Sources of cosmic microwave radiation and dark matter identified: millimeter black holes (m.b.h.) The proposed solution is enticing because it would be so simple and elegant if true.

The universe is filled with blackbody millimeter radiation (CMBR), temperature 2.7{deg} Kelvin. Big-bang cosmology explains this by the initial thermalization of photons scattered by electrons. This explanation requires ad hoc previous existence of photons and thermal electrons. On the other hand most of the mass of the universe is unknown dark matter. It explains anomalous dynamical properties, like that of stars in galaxies. Alternatively the anomalies have been explained by adjusting and modifying well known laws (“Modified Newtonian dynamics”). Here we show that millimeter black holes (m.b.h.) explain both: the background radiation, by its partial “evaporation”, and the dark matter. Black holes emit blackbody radiation (Hawking evaporation), and this is what is observed in the CMBR. Millimeter size black holes emit blackbody radiation at a temperature of 2.7{deg} Kelvin, and this is the resulting CMBR. Partial evaporation of ~10^30 m.b.h. gives the observed background field of photons being emitted and absorbed at the same rate by the m.b.h. The number of photons is constant, as observed. Their temperature decreases with time because the mass of the m.b.h. (and therefore its size) increases with time (the mass-boom effect). The total mass of the m.b.h. is the dark matter. Hence dark matter is not so “dark” after all. Two important cosmological items are here identified by only one source: millimeter black holes

9 page pdf from Department of Aerotecnia, E.U.I.T. Aeronáutica and Universitat Politècnica de València researchers

The time for the photons emitted from each m.b.h. to fill this sphere (and therefore to have all the universe filled with blackbody radiation) is then about 3 x 10^7 sec. i.e. about one year. This means that the CMBR filled the universe when it had about one year of age, very much earlier than the current big-bang estimates.

We note that the m.b.h. establish and fill an intermediate scale between the two extremes: the Plank´s scale and the scale of the whole visible Universe. We can check that the product of the mass of the Universe times the Planck´s mass is equal to the square of the mass of the m.b.h.:

The origin of CMBR and dark matter can be explained with only one
hypothesis. A homogeneous distribution of m.b.h. of 0.00635 cm could be
the source of CMBR as the emission of such black holes. Also the
blackbody spectrum of CMBR is deduced. The same m.b.h. will give the
mass quantity which is stated as dark matter. Therefore, the effects
explicated with dark matter could be stated with such black holes. The
unknown nature of dark matter will then disappear. The distribution of such
black holes would be the same postulated for dark matter. Finally, we
identify the m.b.h. scale as the intermediate one, in a geometric mean
sense, between Planck´s scale and the scale of the visible Universe.

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