US Navy Research – Railguns and fuel Cell UAVs

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The US Navy will be displaying latest advanced naval technologies geared toward the warfighter at the Navy League Sea Air Expo.

These technologies include

* Electromagnetic Railgun: The electromagnetic railgun uses electricity to launch projectiles. Its range exceeds 230 miles with accuracy within five meters of its targets.
* Ion Tiger: The Ion Tiger is an unmanned, fuel cell-powered, aerial vehicle capable of quiet surveillance flights in excess of 24 hours.
* Integrated Topside: Integrated Topside (InTop) is an Innovative Naval Prototype program. It is developing a scalable family of electronic warfare, radar and communications capability through an integrated multifunctional, multibeam architecture that allows a reduced topside aperture profile.
* REMUS: Remote Environmental Monitoring Unit(s), or REMUS, is a low-cost autonomous underwater vehicle. It is capable of rapid environmental surveys and underwater mine reconnaissance.

Ion Tiger

The Ion Tiger is capable of high endurance flight in excess of 24-hours with a 6-pound payload. It will increase mission distance and/or time while featuring more stealth. Low-cost surveillance vehicles, such as the Ion Tiger, will give ground forces a distinct surveillance advantage. This UAV uses a 550-watt polymer fuel cell with a high specific power system. High-pressure, lightweight hydrogen storage tanks are employed to decrease weight. The fuel cell produces little noise and emits less infrared energy than traditional engines or batteries.

Ion Tiger Fact sheet

Integrated Topside

The Integrated Topside (InTop) is an Innovative Naval Prototype (INP) program that will develop a scalable family of Electronic Warfare (EW), radar and communications capability to support multiple classes of ships and other Navy platforms. InTop will use a modular / open RF design to facilitate best-of-breed technology and cost effective upgrades. The InTop vision is to:

* Dominate the RF spectrum
* Enable innovation through a RF Open Architecture (hardware and software)
* Create affordable systems that are scalable across platforms

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