American Superconductor Sea Titan 10 MW Superconducting Wind Turbine Should Start Commercial Licensing in 2010

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With the ability to produce 10 MW of power or more, the SeaTitan is expected to be the world’s most powerful wind turbine. This wind turbine is being developed by AMSC (American Superconductor) Windtec.

Each SeaTitan will contain a Titan™ generator. These generators utilize high temperature superconductor (HTS) rotors rather than copper, which enables the generator to be much smaller, lighter, more efficient and less expensive than conventional large-scale wind turbine generators. In addition, since Titan generators are direct drive, there is no need for a gearbox, which tends to be the most maintenance intensive wind turbine component. AMSC expects to license SeaTitan wind turbines and Titan generators to multiple manufacturers around the world. American Superconductor cofounder and chief executive Greg Yurek expects to license the SeaTitan within months, certainly by the end of 2010.

Company officials said they will eventually design similar equipment for wind farms on land, which will be called the PrairieTitan. But for a variety of reasons, offshore sites will be “the dominant solution’’ in the next decade.

American Superconductor officials said they anticipate the offshore market for large-capacity wind turbines to reach $1 billion by 2016. Recent announcements of large offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom and China fueled their optimism, they said, and they believe the United States could eventually follow suit.

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