Beyond Nuclear Financials and Funding from Celebrities

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Atomic Insights Rod Adams spoke with Paul Gunter of Beyond Nuclear. (an anti-nuclear energy advocacy website)

I also asked Paul bluntly why he spent so much time fighting nuclear on the “leak” issue when he did not spend any time fighting coal – with its designed environmental dumps called smoke stacks. I am paraphrasing his response because I did not have any recorder running at the time – “Because that is not what I get paid to do. If you want to pay me to protest coal, I will.” I thought that was an illuminating and surprisingly honest answer. Gunter, who is probably ten years older than I am, started his adult life as a protester at Seabrook nuclear power plant as a founding member of the Clamshell Alliance. Nearly thirty five years later, his full time job is still related to fighting nuclear energy. From his own biography posted at Beyond Nuclear, Gunter is “An environmental activist and energy policy analyst, he has been an ardent critic of atomic power development for more than 30 years.”

Beyond Nuclear Financials

Beyond Nuclear has an 8 page annual report for 2009

We appreciate your continued and most welcome generosity. We also thank our celebrity supporters Bonnie Raitt; Jackson Browne, Ed Begley, Jr., Ed Asner, Susan Clark, and James Cromwell

Retained Income is Half of the Revenue

My speculation on the retained income is that they had large initial donations probably from the celebrity founders. This money was put into some fund which generates the annual retained income. Say $2.1 million of assets in a fund which kicks out 10% per year.

Launch Partners and Affiliated Groups

Ed Asner, Ed Begley,Jr., Christie Brinkley, Susan Clark, David Cortright, James Cromwell, Judi Friedman, Keith Gunter, Joan MacIntosh, Friedrike Merck, John McEnroe, Bonnie Raitt, Susan Sarandon, Marilyn Strong, Steven Strong, Paul Winter, Gretchen Wyler (1932-2007).

Beyond Nuclear is a member of the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, the Apollo Alliance, the Campaign for a Nuclear-Weapons Free World and the French network, Sortir du Nucleaire. Beyond Nuclear is on the Advisory Board of the Environmental Media Association and works in coalition with hundreds of groups and thousands of individuals around the world.

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