Carnival of Nuclear Energy Number One

Welcome to the first Blog Carnival of Nuclear Energy. The Carnival will cover nuclear or energy related articles. Talk about reactors, fuels, environmental impacts, policy and more. If you have a nuclear blog or website join the carnival of nuclear energy by contacting this site. A variety of other nuclear and energy sites and this site will host future Carnivals of Nuclear Energy.


Nuclear green has Progress Toward an American Gas Cooled Reactor and Beyond.

Industrial heat is important because there are no renewable post-carbon energy sources that are particularly good at producing the sort of heat that is required by many industrial processes. Very high temperature nuclear reactors turn out to be about the only source of industrial process heat that does not produce CO2. If any nation wants a chemical industry, or even manufacture cement in the post carbon era, it will need access to a very high temperature nuclear technology.

The Pebble Bed Advanced High Temperature Reactor is a hybrid cross between a gas cooled Pebble Bed Reactor and a Molten Salt Reactor. The most significant advantage of this hybrid is its small core. The use of gas coolants in PBMRs requires large cores proportional to power outputs. The hybrid might be more attractive to regulators than a MSR. It looks more like a conventional reactor.

2. The Yes Vermont Yankee blog had a post on Three Views of the Outage

Summary: As Vermont Yankee goes into a refueling outage, business is booming around Brattleboro, plant employees are discriminated against at the local hardware store, and the folks in Montpelier (Vermont’s capital) do business as usual. Montpelier decides that intervenors can tour the plant during the outage, no matter how difficult that might be for the plant.

3. Vermont Yankee hosted an informational meeting for the public yesterday at the Ramada Inn in Brattleboro.

The meeting room was set up for poster-type exhibits, like a science fair. Exhibits included:

A big model of the plant
An excellent diagram of the famous Advanced Off Gas System.
A timeline on the tritium leak detection.
On-going slide shows and videos.
Several areas devoted to various aspects of tritium.

Entergy also had a great new fact sheet about tritium at Vermont Yankee.

4. Nuclear Green also takes a look back at Glenn Seaborg and his stewardship of the Atomic Energy Commission.

5. The American Nuclear Society provided some recent public information on radiation and society.

The core purpose of ANS is to promote the awareness and understanding of the application of nuclear science and technology. They provide educational information for the public and journals, newsletters and other publications.
6. Idaho Samizdat had coverage of the UAE selection of a remote beach at Braka in Abu Dhabi on the Persian gulf about 50 km (31 miles) from the center of Abu Dhabi’s oil industry at Rawis as home to four new nuclear reactors to be built by a South Korean consortium.

7. NEI Nuclear Notes has coverage of what the American Power Act would mean for nuclear energy

8. Capacity Factor considers what the new coalition government in the UK will mean for nuclear energy in the UK. The two coalition parties are polar opposites on nuclear.

9. Atomic Insights reports of a Platts sponsored meeting titled Small Modular Reactor: Time Frame for Development and Outlook for Commercial Viability that will be held in Washington, DC on June 28 and 29 and explains why Charles Faddis does not know beans about nuclear energy.

10. Jack Gamble at Nuclear Fissionary has a detailed response to Charles Faddis opinion piece in the NY Times entitled Al Qaeda’s Nuclear Plant.

* Not Just Anyone Can Cause a Meltdown
* China Syndrome Debunked
* Redundant Cooling Systems
* Hard Target
* Safe from 9/11 Style Attack
* Safe From Car Bombs

11. Jack Gamble at Nuclear Fissionary also provides an overview of Rod Adams debate with John Horgon on Bloggingheads.TV

12. Brave New Climate provides an update on some recent media Barry Brook has been doing — and will be presenting in the near future — on nuclear power and climate change. Barry also recommend some excellent information pamphlets.

13. Nextbigfuture covered the new reactor plans for Turkey, Mexico, South Korea and a general overview of reactor plans around the world.

India’s nuclear plans.

14. Russia, Italy and MIT are working on the Ignitor nuclear fusion reactor. This will be a smaller tokomak variant with a stronger magnetic field.

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