German Electric Plane on Display

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PC-Aero, a German aircraft design, engineering and consulting company for general and business aviation, will display its prototype electric-powered aircraft, the Elektra One, at “the electric avenue 10, the Expo for Sustainable Mobility”, in Friedrichshafen, Germany, 3-6 June.

The 1-seater Elektra One is the first member of a planned E-Plane family including electric aircrafts from 2 (Elektra Two) up to 4 passengers (Elektra Four. The battery and solar-cell powered Elektra One is built of lightweight fiber composite structures. The plane is sailplane-like, with a glide ratio of more than 20 at 160 km/h cruise. Maximum power is 16-20 kW, and range is more than 400 km (249 miles) with a flight time of up to more than 3 hours. The prototype of the Elektra One is in the final stage of fabrication. Elektra Two and Elektra Four are in an advanced design phase

The family of electric glider planes is described at the PC Aero site

The E-Plane Aircraft-Family – advantages

* flying with CO2 Zero Emission (environmental protection)
* lower operation costs than using a classic aircraft/propulsion system
* low noice and vibrations (engine, propeller with about 1800 RPM)

* possibility to overload the engine for start (short time)
* no power reduction with altitude
* 10000 hours maintenance free electric engine
* engine failure is not critical due to very good gliding capability

The E-Plane Aircraft-Family – integration of modern technologies advantages

* light brushless electric engine and controller
* battery management systems
* lightest batteries

* high efficient solar cells applied on the wing surface
* supra light compozite glass/carbon sandwich structures
* modern integrated design methods

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