North Korea Claimed Success with Nuclear Fusion is Not Believed

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North Korea on Wednesday claimed it had carried out a nuclear fusion reaction.

North Korea said it had triumphed using its own technology. South Korean experts doubted that the North — which suffers persistent power shortages in everyday life — has made major progress in a process which potentially promises clean and limitless energy. Yang Hyung-Lyeol, of South Korea’s state-funded National Fusion Research Institute, said: “I don’t think the North has any technology that we are not aware of. If so, it would mean the North would be on top of the world. North Korea may have began operating a small-scale magnetic nuclear fusion device but you cannot draw any parallel with our own fusion reactor KSTAR and other reactors in the world”

Nuclear fusion expert Lee Choon-Geun of South Korea’s state-financed Science and Technology Policy Institute said the North had been conducting research in this field since the early 2000s.

“But it all comes down to budget and facilities. I don’t think the North has such facilities as we and other advanced countries have.”

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