Prevention is Key to Roadmap to Make United States the Healthiest Nation

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The Commission on U.S. Federal Leadership in Health and Medicine: Charting Future Directions is releasing its second report, “A 21st Century Roadmap for Advancing America’s Health: The Path from Peril to Progress,” emphasizing a comprehensive spectrum of actions to build a 21st century system that will make America the healthiest nation in the world.

CPR for the American Health System:
* “C” for expanding coverage to all Americans
* “P” for emphasizing prevention
* “R” for investing in research

Four key areas:
• Re-engineering America’s health care system.
• Advancing public health and prevention in the United States.
• Promoting global health and health diplomacy.
• Strengthening U.S. medical and public health research.

Highlight Points

* There is 24-hour access to their bank accounts from anywhere in the world but no equivalent for electronic medical records.
* Public health and prevention also are essential elements of health care reform, with more than 75 percent of health care costs in the United States resulting from chronic diseases that are linked to preventable factors, yet only 3 percent to 5 percent of the nation’s health budget is spent on prevention.
* Report endorses support for innovative community health programs
* Report proposes launching national health education campaigns to promote healthy lifestyles, creating an interactive online health hub for best practices and health information, extending the Congressional Budget Office timeframe to 20 years for scoring cost savings of prevention, and establishing mechanisms to coordinate federal programs to ensure that public health and prevention are cornerstones in the implementation of health care reform legislation.

A Research Study on Prevention of Disease

As many as 50,000 to 100,000 deaths in people under age 80 could be prevented each year if all of these preventive services were offered to and used by patients, the models suggested.


Cardiovascular disease services have the most potential to prevent deaths, with even small increases in the use of preventive services suggesting a significant effect. Increasing the use of treatment for high blood pressure by 10 percent would prevent 14,000 deaths. In addition, increasing the treatment for high cholesterol or use of aspirin by 10 percent might prevent an additional 8,000 deaths per year in people under 80

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