Shrink Solar Achieves 12.6% Optical Efficiency with Quantum Dot Solar Cells

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Shrink Solar has quantum dot solar cells that promise the high efficiencies of first generation cells but also the affordability of many second generation solar cells.
QuantumSol Solar PV can be applied over existed PV cells to enable the capture solar power from infrared frequencies.

Shrink Solar’s scientific founder, Dr. Michelle Khine, Ph.D., was named by MIT Technology Review as one of the top 35 global innovators under the age of 35 (in 2009).

Shrink Solar’s Quantum Dot Technology Achieves 12.6% Optical Efficiency in a study published in Applied Physics Letters

Applied Physics Letters – Viability of using near infrared PbS quantum dots as active materials in luminescent solar concentrators

The performance of chemically synthesized lead sulfide (PbS) quantum dots (QDs) in planar, nontracking luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) is evaluated using spectroscopic and photovoltaic techniques. Spatially resolved measurements are used to investigate and analyze the role of reduced self-absorption on the LSC efficiency. From comparative measurements of samples with Rhodamine B and CdSe/ZnS QDs it is established that PbS LSCs generate nearly twice the photocurrent in silicon cells than the other materials, achieving an integrated optical efficiency of 12.6%. This is attributed primarily to the broadband absorption of PbS which allows optimum harvesting of the solar spectrum.

Shrink Solar is improving the industry of solar energy products. It enhances the capabilities and efficiencies of current designs, so regardless of a business’ current solar investment, it can leverage the power of Shrink Solar. Shrink Solar technology is:

* Inexpensive to produce
* As efficient as current energy sources
* Upgradable, so it can keep up with rapidly evolving solar technology

* Environmentally friendly

Shrink Solar will allow manufacturers and designers to maximize products already in production — from rooftops to clothing to windows — with our breakthrough solar film designs: the OptiSol(tm) Solar Concentrator and the QuantumSol Solar PV.

The OptiSol Solar Concentrator is being designed as an add-on component that easily fits on existing solar panels. This solar “window” would fit on top of solar panels so that the incoming sunlight is “filtered and optimized” by OptiSol before being delivered to the silicon solar PV.

The OptiSol’s price has not yet been determined but it will be considerably lower than a solar PV panel at nearly $6-8$/watt. What makes OptiSol so affordable and logical to use is that solar owners that currently have payback periods of several decades depending on the size of the system and power usage can see immediate returns with OptiSol through higher power generation and efficiency. Those couple of decades can turn into a single decade or less. OptiSol and other Shrink Solar products are in development now. Shrink Solar expects products to be available as early as 2011.

QuantumSol Solar PV works by optimizing the incoming solar light so that more solar energy is available for power conversion.

Silicon PV systems eventually lose efficiencies over the lifetime of the system, and the solar system bought today will be remarkably less efficient than when it eventually “pays for itself”. With QuantumSol, owners will never see that drop in efficiency, because QuantumSol is designed to be upgradable, and the newer version will be as efficient or greater because of advances in Shrink’s technology.

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