Sony Ericsson Predicts a Mobile Broadband World

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Ericsson estimates show that the number of mobile broadband users will increase from today’s 400 million to 3.5 billion in 2015 and then to 6 billion mobile broadband users in 2020 and 50 billion connected devices.

* Less than 5% of the world’s population has access to 21 Mbit/s or more in the air, at least 1.5 million installed GSM radio base stations must be replaced and in addition we see continued need for services in fields such as consulting, system integration and managed services.
* In India, the number of mobile subscriptions grew by 20 million in March 2010, making India the fastest growing market in the world
* Mainland China added more than 100 million subscriptions last year and we expect similar numbers in 2010
Ericsson has a lot more articles and videos about the future world of mobile broadband.

Converge Digest has a summary of Ericssons Capital Markets Day Presentation where the future of mobile broadband was discussed.

* ST Ericcson mission is to enable the larger corporate vision of 50 billion interconnected devices by supplying complete silicon/software for consumer devices.
* ST-Ericsson’s new multi-mode modem architecture will provide software-defined radio access for LTE at up to 100Mbps and HSPA+ at 42 Mbps.

* the 50 billion devices will be connected via HSPA and LTE and will be used for both machine-to-machine applications and consumer devices.

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